Recent News

World of Maths

Our whole 'World of Maths Incursion' and Family Maths night was a great success. Our students enjoyed sharing how they solved the challenging puzzles and demonstrating to their parents their excellent mathematical skills.      

Book Week

Our students celebrated Book Week  and reading by dressing up as their favourite book character. Outstanding communication skills are one of the most important skills in life. Being a good communicator helps you build strong relationships, assert yourself, express your thoughts and develop your verbal abilities. Reading books exposes you to a much greater vocabulary than watching TV or talking with other people.

Rememberance Day

The Flanders poppy has long been part of Rememberance Day and students  at Clayton South Primary School each made one as part of a special Art Project. They were proudly displayed on our school front fence.    

Child Safety Standards

With the Victorian Governments introduction of the new state-wide Child Safe Standards (Ministerial Order 870), Clayton South Primary School is ensuring our policies comply with the new seven Mandatory Standards for Victorian Educational Organizations that have children in their care.