What is Systematic Synthetic Phonics? Here is quick 2 min video explainer!

Why should we use decodable readers and systematic synthetic phonics (SSP)? Research shows it leads to better word reading, minimises reading failure & is recommended by AUSPELDThe 'synthetic' part has nothing to do with being artificial but rather synthesising or blending sounds to read words.

Our instruction will encourage students to form the habits of strong readers (accurate word reading), not the habits of weak readers (guessing words from pictures, context, sentence structure or first letters). 

The degree of detail that our phonics instruction goes into sets ALL children up for future academic success and empowers them as they understand how words work. Being a proficient reader will impact a child's entire education.

Of course, SSP Phonics instruction is only one part of the big picture. At Clayton South Primary School, phonics is incorporated into our comprehensive, structured literacy program, which covers oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, background knowledge and the ultimate goal of comprehension, which is reading to gain meaning. 

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