Code of Conduct

Clayton South Primary School will provide a harmonious, safe and caring environment that fosters the qualities of consideration, cooperation and respect of others.


The Code of Conduct is based on the following:




To be safe.

To be treated with respect, kindness and courtesy.

To work or play without interference.

To have personal property respected.

To be treated equally and fairly as individuals.




Teachers should expect to be able to teach in an atmosphere of order and cooperation. 

Principal and staff have an obligation to implement the code of conduct fairly, reasonably and consistently. 

Parents share an obligation to support the school in its efforts to maintain a productive teaching and learning environment.


Students will be expected to:


Accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

Develop self discipline.

Behave in a considerate, courteous, responsible and honest manner.

Play and work safely.

Accept fair disciplinary procedures.


Approach to promoting positive student behaviour:


Our school considers that a consistent and positive approach to behaviour management will be developed through the following strategies:


  1. Positive reinforcement to develop self esteem and foster appropriate behaviour (e.g. verbal praise, encouragement, certificates and awards).
  2. Encouragement of cooperative interaction between all children by providing opportunities to develop sharing, tolerance and compassion.
  3. Working in partnership with parents in relation to discipline matters through regular communication.
  4. Matching of teaching and behaviour management strategies for children with specific needs.
  5. A list of ‘norms’ and a series of logical consequences related to students’ behaviour clearly stated and understood by parents, students and teachers.


Accepted consequences of inappropriate behaviour:


Inappropriate behaviour will incur some penalty or action. These penalties or actions will be logical consequences of misbehaviour. Most behavioural problems will be dealt with individually by discussing the use of more appropriate behaviour. All discipline will remain within the guidelines as published by the Department of Education.