School Values and Vision

Clayton South Primary recognises the importance of the partnership between schools and parents to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and responsibility for, ensuring inclusive, safe and orderly environments for children and young people.

Our vision:
Clayton South Primary School provides a happy, caring and stimulating environment. We work in a diverse community and do so with a sense of commitment. Children are encouraged as individuals to achieve their best, so they can make positive contributions to the community.

Our statement of purpose:

Clayton South Primary School is a welcoming, dynamic learning community in which all have a sense of belonging and being valued. We are inspired lifelong learners, making a contribution to a better future.

Our School Values Are:

Community—feel valued, safe and supported in an environment that celebrates diversity 

Accepting—recognising and celebrating the different cultures that exist in our community

Respectful—friendly interactions between teachers, students and the community

Excellence– All of our students value learning and achieve to their full potential

Self-Confidence– We encourage students to be self-motivated with a positive attitude

Click here to view our statement of values which sets out our behavioural expectations of all members in this school community, including the principal, all school staff, parents, students and visitors. It respects the diversity of individuals in our school community and addresses the shared responsibilities of all members in building safe and respectful school communities.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff is committed to providing the very best education for your child. We are proud of our school where all students and parents are valued and respected. Our students are happy and engaged in learning. We help them be responsible for both their learning and their behaviour. We expect the highest academic standards and ensure that each child’s abilities are continually developing to achieve their personal best.