Performing Arts

Discover the World of Performing Arts at Clayton South Primary School.


At Clayton South Primary School, we believe in nurturing creativity and self-expression through the performing arts. Our vibrant performing arts program, based on the Victorian Curriculum, introduces students to the exciting realms of dance, music, and drama.


In dance, students explore a range of movement styles, from fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor movements to expressive choreography. They learn to use their bodies to communicate ideas, emotions, and stories, fostering confidence and coordination.


In music, students embark on a melodic journey, discovering the power of their voices, instruments, and rhythmic expressions. Through singing, playing instruments, and composing their own musical pieces, students develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of music.


In drama, students step into the shoes of characters, exploring their imagination and creativity. They delve into scripted scenes, improvisation exercises, and ensemble work, building communication skills, empathy, and teamwork.


Our dedicated performing arts teacher guides and inspires students to discover their talents and develop their skills. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to showcase their achievements in various performances, from school assemblies to community events.


At Clayton South Primary School, we believe that the performing arts play a vital role in holistic education, fostering confidence, cultural understanding, and personal growth. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we celebrate the magic of dance, music, and drama in our vibrant primary school community.