Principal's message

Clayton South Primary School is a terrific school.
Clayton South Primary School is a welcoming, dynamic learning community in which all have a sense of belonging and being valued.

We aim to implement a curriculum that ensures our students are highly literate and numerate, critical thinkers and problem solvers, who are creative and have a love of learning.

My motto as the principal encapulates the following:

  • every staff member is responsible for every student
  • high expectations for all
  • develop curious, hardworking, numerate and literate students.
  • names and faces belong to every piece of data
The December 2018 student reports reflected excellent achievements and growth by our students.The results are credit to the skilled staff at CSPS and hard work of our students.

These are an example of some excellent results for December 2018:
  • Reading and Viewing- 47% of students working above level
  • Speaking and Listening – 29% of students working above level
  • Writing -26% of students working above level
  • Measurement and Geometry 26% of students working above level
  • Number and Algebra 34% of students working above level
  • Statistics and Probability 22% of students working above level
  • PE 12 students 25% of students working above level
  • Art 6 students 24% of students working above level

Clayton South Primary recognises the importance of the partnership between schools and parents to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, ensuring inclusive, safe and orderly environments for children and young people.

We have been providing an excellent education for our community since 1929 and we are situated on three acres of land in a light industrial, residential area. The renovated, original brick building is today our visual arts / LOTE facility that provides an impressive atmosphere and space for our students to develop their creative talents. 

All our classrooms are large and well equipped with an interactive whiteboard in each one. There is a very well resourced student library, art room and school hall with a vast array of sporting equipment. Our school is fully networked with computers in each classroom in the form of PCs, netbooks, notebooks, tablets and iPads. The school is well stocked with current Mathematical and Literacy materials to support student learning.

Clayton South Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum which is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

Our curriculum is focused on improving student learning outcomes with explicit teaching focused on need. Our dedicated staff provide students with learning that is targeted at your child’s level of understanding through rigorous assessment and data analysis. 

2019 is our year of review. I look forward to sharing our great results with you.

  • Click here to view our Annual Report to the School Community.
  • Click here to view our 2019 Annual Improvement Plan.

Please contact me and arrange to see our happy, challenging and engaged learning community.


Sue McSweeney