School Information

Clayton South Primary School is situated on Clayton Road, Clayton South and draws its students from a rich diversity of multi-cultural communities.

Our staff are:

Principal - Mr Greg Clement

Acting Assistant Principal - Mrs Lana Nuske

Learning Specialist - Mr Larry Hay

Leading Teacher - Mrs Liz Smith


Prep A - Miss Kyla Golledge

1A - Miss Leesa Warman

2A - Mrs Irene Dornau

3/4A - Mrs Leanne Monk 

4/5A Mrs Lana Nuske / Mrs Heather Douglass

5/6A - Miss Kayla Farrugia


ICT/PE/STEM - Mr Larry Hay

Tutor - Miss Taylah Sloggett

Spanish and Art - Mrs Valeska Castillo

Speech Pathologist - Mrs Jo Gimas


Office - Miss Keah Hickleton

ES support - Miss Anna, Miss Felicia, Miss Agatha and Miss Aimee


Our vision statement is:

Clayton South Primary School provides a happy, caring and stimulating environment. We work with a diverse community with a sense of commitment. Children are encouraged as individuals to achieve their best, so they can make positive contributions to the community.

Clayton South Primary School was established in 1929 on 3 acres in a light industrial, residential area. The original brick building is today our most impressive visual arts / LOTE facility that provides an impressive atmosphere and space for our students to develop their creative talents.

All our classrooms are large, well equipped and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. There is a very well equipped student library, art room and school hall with a vast array of sporting equipment. Our school is fully networked with computers in each classroom in the form of PCs, netbooks, notebooks, tablets and iPads. The school is well resourced with a vast and current Mathematical and Literacy Library.

Specialist programs are conducted in Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Spanish. In addition, a camping program, and inter-school sport are provided for middle and senior students.

Intensive swimming programs and visiting sports organisations provide coaching sessions that complement our Physical Education and Health curriculum. Our Perceptual Motor Program is a very successful part of our Prep- 2 program.  The spacious playgrounds are well established with plenty of shaded areas provided by established trees, extensive use of shelters and shade sails over the junior and senior playground equipment, large sandpit, cricket nets and large oval area. Our double netball courts are surfaced with artificial grass which adds to the safety and functionality of their use.

Clayton South Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum that is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

At Clayton South Primary School we focus on teaching individual students with a focus on improving their Literacy and Numeracy skills.

Student wellbeing is an important issue underpinning all school programs. The school community encourages high standards of behaviour based on cooperation, respect, mutual responsibility and self-discipline and actively promotes harmonious student relationships. A comprehensive well-being program is consistently implemented by all staff and is strongly supported by our parent body.

A close working partnership with local preschools is a strong feature of our school. The Discovery Tree and Clayton South Kindergarten are both situated next door. Sundowner and Westall Preschool are also feeder Kindergartens along with other local private childcare centres. All have worked with us for many years allowing for a smooth transition into our school.  Strong links have developed with local Secondary Colleges through transition activities with formal activities and visits occurring in Year 5 and 6.

A pre-school to prep year transition program ‘Step into Prep’ is conducted for children eligible to attend school the following year. Some students haven’t had any experience with Kindergarten or Pre-school, prior to commencing school.

The program includes information and an orientation day for children enrolling sources and culminates in a Transition Morning for all newly enrolled prep children. This program is aimed at familiarising children with their new educational environment, teachers and classmates and has proven most successful in providing them with a smooth transition from their pre-school setting to primary school. Year 5  “Buddies” are also assigned to the new Prep children and provide that very important support in the playground, especially over the first few months of their first school year.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s learning in a wide range of opportunities including School Council, fundraising, Incursions, Information Evenings, Family Maths Nights, interviews, transition sessions, excursions, working bees and special events.

The school offers a variety of programs designed to extend and enrich students. These include camps, swimming, PMP, Kitchen Garden, sporting activities, Art Club, choir, Homework and Japanese Club, Breakfast Club The school maintains a chicken house where the children have hands-on experiences caring for the animals.

At Clayton South Primary School we've worked hard to establish a strong set of values which is the basis for planning, classroom activities, and student well-being programs. We implemented the "You Can Do It" program and supporting students' social and emotional growth. Clayton South's values use the acronym CARES-

Community – feel valued, safe and supported in an environment that celebrates diversity.
Accepting – recognise and value the different cultures that exist in our community.
Respectful – friendly interactions between teachers, students and the community.
Excellence – value learning and achieve to their full potential
Self-confidence – motivated with a positive attitude.

All children aged five years or more must attend school. If a student is absent from school, parents must notify the school, on the day of the absence, stating the reason for the student's absence. This can be done through our school website, email, our telephone absence line or by sending a written note to the school. A Clayton South Primary School we encourage students to have an attendance rate of over 90%. If students are away for extended periods school administration staff must be notified so a Student Absence Learning Plan can be developed.

Our School Council recommends that only students in years 4, 5 & 6 ride a bicycle to school. School Council has provided a bicycle compound in the school which is locked during the day.

It is a requirement of the law that helmets are worn at all times when riding a bicycle.
The riding of bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades is not permitted in the school grounds due to safety reasons.

Each Monday and Tuesday our school Breakfast Club operates from Room 11 from 8:15am. A variety of items are available for students to choose from to sustain them throughout the day.

The school car park is for the use of staff and delivery vans only. Students must not be loaded or unloaded from these car parks. City of Kingston Parking Officers patrol the local area and will fine parents who do not adhere to parking restrictions around the school.

For the safety of all children in the school community parents transporting children to and from by car are strongly requested to:

Use the parking zones in Narrumburn Road and insist upon their child using the school crossing if he/she has to cross Narrumburn Road to reach your parked car or to enter the school grounds. Ensure their child exits the car from the footpath side

Cars are not permitted to access the school grounds at any time due to safety reasons

Clayton South  Primary School is committed to providing a child-safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Clayton South Primary School has zero tolerance towards child abuse which includes sexual offences, grooming, physical violence, serious emotional or physical harm and serious neglect of a child.

In complying with the child safe standards Clayton South Primary School includes the following principles as part of our response to each standard:

  • promoting the cultural safety of Aboriginal children
  • promoting the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse background
  • promoting the safety of children with a disability

There are three points at which students may cross busy roads under the supervision of adults:

At the junction of Clayton Road and Fairbank Avenue ( Patrolled Crossing) Outside the school in Narrumburn Road (Patrolled Crossing)In Bourke Road east of Warraweena Road (Patrolled Crossing)

On the last day of term school is dismissed at 2:30pm.

Dogs are not to be brought into the school grounds unless by special arrangement for example “Show and Tell” class activities or similar.

Clayton South Primary School provides our students with a diverse range of activities. As parents and teachers, we wish to provide our children with every opportunity to achieve success and excellence in their education. The school subsidy covers our children’s supplies (books, pens, pencils etc). In order to supply materials and requisites and continue to develop the 8 Key learning areas, the current School Council has set an annual payment per child.

Under the Health Act all children enrolling at Primary school or transferring between schools are required to present an immunisation certificate stating whether the child has been immunised against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles and mumps.

Students must turn 5 before 30th April to be eligible to start school.

Parents are requested to inform the office as soon as possible when their children are transferring, as transfer notes and other relevant documents will need to be sent to the new school.

Throughout each year a number of excursions, incursions and camps are held to enrich the educational program of your child. It is important to attend these activities as much work occurs in the classroom before and after excursions/incursions. Notices are sent home informing you of the activity, dates, location and cost. These forms must be signed and returned to the classroom teacher by the due date.
Children who do not have a consent form will not be permitted to attend the excursion, Camp etc

Students who have head lice are excluded from school until they have received the appropriate treatment.

If a student or students is found with head lice a note will be sent home to all parents of the infected grade

All students who arrive after 9:00am must report to the office to get a late pass and sign their child into school.

Lost property is stored in the first aid room for a term and then it is passed onto a local charity if not collected by the end of the term.
Labelling your child’s uniform is imperative, as it can be returned to your child when found.

In line with the Health Policy children are encouraged to bring a nutritional lunch. Lunch orders are available 1 day per week. Fridays only. Glass bottles and cans are not permitted for safety reasons.

Supervision of the playground before school begins at 8:45am and finishes after school at 3:45pm. It is strongly recommended that students do not arrive before 8:45am or stay after 3:45pm as the yard will not be supervised. At recess and lunchtime, our yard is supervised by 2 teachers at all times.

A copy of the following policies and protocols are attached for your information
Student Code of Conduct Student Medical Protocol Homework Policy

For the month of February, our Prep students start at 9:00am and finish 3:30pm except for Wednesdays when they are not required at school.

Written reports are sent home at the end of term 2 and 4. Parent-teacher interviews are held at the end of term 2 or at any time by appointment.

School Assembly is held at 3.00 pm every second Friday afternoon in the new multipurpose facility. Parents are very welcome to attend Assembly.

Student banking is available at Clayton South Primary School. To be involved your child will need a Youth Saving account from the Commonwealth Bank. Our school banking day is Thursday and information can be obtained from our school office.

School Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month (at 6:00pm). with subcommittee meetings held at other times. Visitors are most welcome.

School commences at 9:00am.
Recess 11:00am – 11:30am
Lunch( in classroom) 1:30pm – 1:40pm
Lunch (outside) 1:40pm – 2:30pm
School Dismissal 3:30pm

The newsletter is published fortnightly and may be viewed on our website and only distributed to the youngest child in each family if a request has been received in writing. It contains the dates of upcoming events, a Principal’s report, general news and local advertising.
The newsletter is published on the school website every second Thursday.
Reading the newsletter provides the school community with the latest news and upcoming events for your child.

School uniform is compulsory at Clayton South Primary school. Our uniform supplier is Fashion Clubwear 1-13 Shierlaw Avenue, Canterbury Phone: 03 9836 3388
Information about items available can be obtained from our school office.
Our uniform shop is located on-site in the main school building every Wednesday from 8:30 am  - 11:30 am
Please label all school uniforms so that they can be returned if lost.

Parents of students who become ill during school will be contacted to make arrangements for their child to be collected.
If your child is injured during school first aid will be administered by a qualified staff member and you will be contacted as a courtesy ( in some instances/or a note sent home) or to make arrangements to collect your child.

Parents are asked to inform the office as soon as any personal details change for their child/ren. This includes a change of home or work phone numbers, change of family situation, change of doctor and change of emergency communication numbers.

In the case when you may need to pick your child up early from school please sign your child out at the office and collect an early departure pass to give to your child’s teacher, so their absence can be accounted for and the teacher knows your child has been signed out at the office.
No child will be released to the care of another person unless the school receives a note of permission signed by the parent or an explanatory note from the parent.

Clayton South Primary School is a Sun Smart School. Students must wear a green broad-brimmed Sun Smart hat in terms 1 & 4 or they will be directed to a suitable shaded area to play. Sunscreen is encouraged but we are unable to apply it.

Students from Prep to year 6 are involved in an intensive swimming program which is conducted over 2 weeks.

Toys that could be dangerous to children, must not be brought to school. Toys and possessions which are expensive or precious to your child, must not be brought to school. We cannot take responsibility for their safe care.

All visitors are asked to call in at the office when visiting the school and collect a visitor pass and sign our visitors’ book.

The children are supervised indoors whenever rain prevents them from taking lunch or recess breaks in the playground.