School Uniform

The wearing of a school uniform creates a sense of collective and individual pride in our school as well as giving our students a sense of belonging. Security around the school is also significantly enhanced as our children can be readily identified as belonging to Clayton South Primary School.

Equality is fostered by a uniform policy common to all students. Compulsory uniforms assist in eliminating peer group pressure to wear less appropriate clothing, reduces competition amongst children and removes pressure on families to provide “fashionable” items for daily wear.

To detail expectations of School Council regarding student appearance during school hours

To ensure all students are dressed in clothing that is suitable for active participation in all school activities


The uniform respects the cultural norms of the school community and is compatible with equal opportunity requirements. The uniform is reasonable by contemporary standards and is cost-effective. The uniform is flexible, suitable for all school activities and provides all students with the opportunity to fully comply with the school’s requirements. The uniform will be navy and teal in colour and items with the school logo are available and recommended but not compulsory.


Parents/guardians and students are informed of uniform requirements prior to enrolment and uniform requirements will be advertised in the school newsletter at regular intervals during the year. Students are required to wear a school uniform during school hours including excursions or when representing the school out of school hours. Broad-brimmed SunSmart hats must be worn during Terms 1 & 4, as per the Sunsmart Policy. Hats are not to be worn inside during class time. This includes SunSmart hats, beanies and caps. Students are required to wear school shoes or runners (For safety reasons, thongs and open-toed shoes or sandals are not permitted) Scarves are not to be worn inside and, due to safety reasons, should be tucked in when children are playing outside. Individuals seeking an exemption from wearing school uniforms will be required to meet with the Principal.

Parents/guardians are asked to provide their children with a note if they are unable to wear their school uniform. For safety reasons, jewellery is discouraged, with the exception of watches and plain stud or small “sleeper” earrings. For health and safety reasons, students with hair that is shoulder-length or longer must tie their hair back. Make-up, acrylic nails and nail polish are not appropriate for primary school.


Teacher and community surveys

Annual Report to School Council
Regular evaluation of school uniform policy by Curriculum Sub-Committee


1.  School uniform range may include:

Navy shorts, pants, track pants, skort or trousers

Navy/Teal with white piping polo shirt

Navy Bomber Jacket, Polar Fleece Jacket or vest, Navy windcheater

Girl's Summer dress or Winter Tunic

Inter-school Sport:
Navy shorts or Skort, Navy netball skirt, Navy/Teal short sleeve polo shirt or t-shirt and appropriate sporting footwear such as runners. (Jewellery should not be worn to school by students who are participating in inter-school sport).

It is strongly recommended that students wear mouthguards, shin guards and football boots if participating in the relevant sports.


2. Exemptions

Grounds for seeking an exemption may include religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background considerations, students with disabilities, health reasons. Families seeking an exemption from wearing school uniform must make an appointment to meet with the Principal. The Principal will consider each case on its individual merit. Full or partial exemptions are allowed. In cases of economic hardship the Principal will seek the support of the State Schools’ Relief Fund. A written record of all exemptions will be kept by the school for as long as the student remains at the school

3. Enforcement of the School Uniform Policy

Students who do not wear school uniform may be excluded from an activity such as excursions or sport. Students must bring a note if they are unable to wear school uniform. If there is no note, the following consequences will apply:

Warning – note or uniform expected on the next school day or the student may be required to wear items of un-named school uniform from Lost Property

Principal will telephone the student’s parents if repeated breaches of school uniform policy occur.

4. Uniform Supplier

FCW Fashion Clubwear 8 Beech Street Nunawading VIC 3131 Phone: 03 9836 3388

Uniform Shop Hours

Located in the main school building
Wednesday    8:30 am  - 10:30 am
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